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Clarity. Support. Purpose.

We believe that together is better.

We bonded to create a program for like-minded fitness studio owners to share experiences, insight and ideas for growth.

To re-ignite the spark that was so bright when your studio opened.


mas·ter·mind | \ ˈmas-tər-ˌmīnd  , ˌmas-tər-ˈ\

noun : a person or group who supplies the creative intelligence for a business

Our Mastermind is a special combination of learning, accountability, connection and empowerment. We will develop your creative intelligence TOGETHER.

Find a renewed sense of passion for your business alongside a family of studio owners & experts who will walk the path with you.

three experts. one community.

Are you ready to join us?

Mastermind for studio owners


How often do you procrastinate the things that could really impact your business? Each month we will laser focus on the what matters to YOU as a studio owner. Whether it’s leadership and staff management, or brand identity and organizational effectiveness, we have proven methods and expert tips on how to stay on your path to success. And we will hold each other accountable for action. We’ll give your inner student a chance to shine.

Mastermind for studio owners


The Mastermind group will be small and select. We are committed to deeper connection and a safe space to get real. To talk struggles. To fall apart. And to rise up again, together. Vulnerability is welcome and laughs are mandatory. We will build a foundation of honesty and support so you can lay it all out there and move forward with a community of like-minded female studio owners. We firmly believe that WE is greater than ME!

Mastermind for studio owners


Want to LOVE your business again? Your business and your life don’t work without an empowered YOU. Our deepest passion is to awaken the inspired entrepreneur in you and give you the confidence to reach your potential. Find the version of you waiting to break free from the grind. The version of you that is dying to shine. The Inspired Studio Mastermind is the key to unlocking your potential.

three powerhouse women come together for you

Laura Munkholm, Katie Santos and Seran Glanfield know the boutique studio business. With a combined 45 years of experience they are who the most well-known studios turn to for help with business challenges.

This is a rare opportunity to work with all three of these inspiring leaders in a unique mastermind setting with other female well-preneurs.

Seran Glanfield

Seran Glanfield

Hi, I’m Seran! For nearly 8 years I’ve been helping ambitious fitness and wellness entrepreneurs transform and grow their studio businesses.

My passion is helping you create more profit with less stress, so that you own a business you are proud of, one that brings fulfillment, freedom and personal wellbeing.

With a degree in management from the London School of Economics and 5 years in sales at a Wall Street bank behind me, I leverage my 15+ years of experience, strategic thinking and marketing savvy to help my talented clients achieve their unique goals and individual priorities.

I'm also a certified Pilates Teacher, a busy mom of 3 beautiful kids age 0-7 and I serve on the board of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Laura Munkholm

Laura Munkholm

Hey there! I’m Laura and I am wildly passionate about supporting studio owners. I am a Certified MINDBODY Consultant, mom-preneur (the struggle is real ladies!), forever student, celery juice addict, and lover of all things movement.

I’ve been working and consulting in the fitness world for 10 years, and I’ve seen the impact successful wellness businesses can have on a community. I’ve also seen businesses fail. My work is dedicated to your success. I have become a ninja with MINDBODY reporting and can help you use the software to make more money. I am committed to helping studios become and stay profitable with proven sales tactics, operational efficiencies, actionable reporting and leadership development.


Katie Santos

Hi! I’m Katie and I’ve been a Movement Teacher and Presenter for Pilates and Fitness organizations for over 30 years. I’m a Balanced Body Master Teacher and studio owner with a passion for education and a commitment to optimizing client and student success.

I am an avid and energetic multitasker, serial entrepreneur and love coaching business owners as a Certified MINDBODY and Evernote Consultant. My zone of genius is listening studio owners and really digging down to the soul of what drives them. I absolutely love sharing my knowledge and expertise while playing an important role in driving business success.

Stop waiting for things to change…

Get the answers, guidance and proven tactics you need to build a thriving studio business.

Gain a competitive edge in a market that is constantly growing. Rise above the noise and jump to the front of the line!

Break-free from the weight of your business and re-ignite the spark that drives you. Let’s get inspired together.


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High Fives

—Laura’s support, years of experience and expertise in the wellness/yoga space has been invaluable to us. Frankly— we would not have a business without her. She will have a huge impact on any business she works with, and I highly recommend her!

Care Messer, Owner - Birth Education Center

—After working with Katie, I left feeling supported and not as overwhelmed as I had felt before. I could do this!!! I now had steps and a plan to follow. I can’t imagine where I’d be today in my business if I hadn’t met her.

June Kamerling, Owner - El Cerrito Fitness

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